CIBC ‘The Moment’

The Moment  – CIBC and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

17 years and counting, CIBC’s sponsorship of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is the longest standing marquee partnership within the industry. Association with the CIBC Run for the Cure (RFTC) significantly impacts positive brand perception of CIBC.

With the challenge of breaking through an extremely cluttered cause-marketing space and facing declines in participation and fundraising due to donor fatigue and the rise of other charitable run/walks, CIBC needed a campaign that would stand out and encourage consumers to think about the Run for a Cure in a new light.

CIBC’s objectives were to drive participation and donations for the Run for the Cure, and to create a positive brand affinity and for this, they turned to social video to connect with consumers and to drive awareness. The video was housed on YouTube but shared through various other social media channels.

In the video below entitled ‘The Moment,’ CIBC wanted to show a very important moment that happens around breast cancer diagnosis – when someone is receiving news at a doctor’s office. Using theatre actors to make the message believable and real and backed by research with doctors and breast cancer patients, CIBC wanted the video to be as accurate as possible in terms of someone receiving this type of news. This compelling video took home the Gold Halo Award at the 2014 Cause Marketing Forum conference in the video category – watch below to see for yourself!

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