An Anecdote for Cause Marketing (Tim Hortons Camp Day)

Peter_Gardner_web101By Peter Gardner, Senior Partnership Architect & Insights Developer at Torque Strategies

Today is Camp Day people. That means today across Canada Tim Horton’s restaurant owners will donate 100 per cent of proceeds from java sales to the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation (THCF). Raising a whopping $11.8-million in 2013, it should come as no surprise that Camp Day is far and away the single largest fundraising event for THCF every year.

Outside of this being an example of the AWESOME impact corporate Canada can have on community building, I wanted to share a short anecdote from today to show how cause marketing programs like Camp Day can impact consumers and be good for the bottom line.

At about 10 o’clock this morning I was jonesing for a second cup coffee – I know, I know, I have a bit of a coffee problem, but that’s not the story here…Read Full Post

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