Bart Given, Managing Director & Chief Innovator, TORQUE Strategies

BartGiven_circleTapped to lead TORQUE Strategies in early 2014, Bart was previously a Senior Partner at the TwentyTen Group. While at TTG, he was responsible for Growth and Client Services through an impressive development phase for the team and was a proud member of the Canadian Olympic Committee account that delivered record setting revenue through continued development of values-based partnerships within the corporate sector.
Having provided strategic direction for clients such as KidSport, LIFT Philanthropy Partners and Canada Games, Bart is an ardent believer that true partnership invokes passion, loyalty and ritual at the heart of it all – the community.

Passionate about discovery and ideation, Bart focuses on story building through the utilization of consumer insights and looking for opportunity in non-traditional sponsorship arenas, evidenced by the incredibly rewarding partnership with Corus Radio.

Bart spent over a decade working in professional sports, and was fortunate to fulfill a dream as Vice-President of Baseball Operations & Assistant General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. Prior to making trades and signing free agents (some of which were even good!), he held various marketing roles within the Blue Jays and Argos, and perhaps upset a few Ticat fans along the way.

Never one to shy away from sharing his opinion, Bart put this extensive MLB expertise to work as a regular guest on radio and online publications such as Sporting News Radio, XM Home Plate and He continues to opine about his past and present professional passions as a feature speaker at conferences and workshops throughout North America, and waxes poetic via Twitter daily.

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