Most Canadians have opened their wallets for charity when they’re at the checkout, according to a new survey.

The survey by Ipsos Reid in collaboration with Companies & Causes Canada found 60% of Canadians have donated to a charity at the checkout, with 30% having done so in the past month.

While most contributions are small, checkout programs can raise big bucks for charitable organizations. Last year, Costco’s “Miracle Month of May” campaign for Children’s Miracle Network raised $5.7 million, while Walmart’s effort for the same cause raised $5.5 million.

“I think [checkout charity] works well because it’s easy…. and consumers have access to it,” said Jessica Avery, vice-president of Ipsos Marketing. From the consumer’s perspective, “it’s there, I’m already in line and it’s relatively easy for me to do. It also gives me a chance to support the causes that I have a personal relationship with.”

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