Chatters Canada and AG Hair Cut a Thon

Canadian hair care brands AG Hair and Chatters Canada Limited have teamed up to build schools in Northern Uganda. Through proceeds from every bottle sold, AG has built 5 schools for girls in Africa since 2008 and has raised over 1 million dollars under its philanthropic umbrella, Women Leading Change.

In 2013, Chatters Salons raised over $110,000 chain-wide to build the Patongo School. In 2014, funds raised will assist with continued development of both the Patongo and Atanga Girls’ Schools in Northern Uganda.

Chatters asks for a minimum $20 donation for a women’s cut and $10 for a men’s or kids haircut to support the cause. Money raised from the AG Hair and Chatters Canada 2014 partnership will build and furnish two classroom buildings and construct eight staff houses at Patongo.

Read more about this initiative.

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