Companies & Causes Canada 2015 Presentations

Presentation Name Presenter
 Welcome РShoppers Love. You. Lisa Gibbs, Shoppers Drug Mart
The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: A Social Mission Diane LaBerge, Unilever
WestJet: Mastering Content Marketing Corey Evans, WestJet
When Crowdfunding Meets Cause Marketing Charles Best,
Mini-Workshop: Employee Engagement Chris Jarvis, Realized Worth
Mini-Workshop: Building Better Corporate Relationships Maureen Carlson, Good Scout Group
Mini-Workshop: Measuring Impact Bruce Dewar, Lift Philanthropy Partners
Giving, Happiness and the Power of Cause Michael Norton, Harvard Business School
Canadian Corporate Citizenship Study Premier Jessica Avery, Ipsos Reid
Starbucks: Performance-Driven Through The Lens of Humanity Luisa Girotto, Starbucks Canada
Next Generation Collaboration: Samsung Canada and Autism Speaks Canada Mark Childs, Samsung Canada and Esther Rhee, Autism Speaks Canada