Fits the Misfits

fits_the_misfits_print_ad_1Valin is a custom tailoring brand from Canada. Established in 2012, the brand own a boutique store in Quebec City specializing in made-to-measure clothing items for men. Facing strong competition from other made-to-measure boutiques as well as big department stores offering ready-to-wear lines, the brand turned to cause promotion to attract media attention, showcase their product and offer a valuable community service.

The “Fits the Misfits” campaign was created in collaboration with the Portage nonprofit organization which has been helping drug users in Quebec overcome their addictions for over 30 years. The idea behind the campaign was to help ex-drug addicts find a new job.

According to Portage, one of the biggest challenges ex-drug addicts face when searching for a new job is overcoming the negative perception of employers. “Fits the Misfits” wished to change this by creating smart tailored suits for each and every ex-addict. After creating the suits for the ex-addicts, Valin followed their progress to make sure all participants found a job in their field.

The video below was also shared on various social media channels, promoted by each partner involved in the project.

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