Iogo gets kids to eat their vegetables

Fruits and veggies are becoming a cause in and of themselves. This new product line and rebranding by Iögo Nano is just one in a long line of initiatives focused on making fruits and veggies “cool” to eat and targeted at kids and youth.

Launching this month, Iögo Nano is hoping to bring more healthy choices and fun to the yogurt aisle by introducing a line of flavours that mix fruit with vegetables.

Banana and squash, blueberry and beet, as well as peach and carrot will be available in the traditional cup format, with apple-cherry and beet in portable, drinkable pouches.

Simon Small, VP of marketing at Iögo parent company Ultima Foods, says the new flavours are a way to capitalize on trends around more healthy ingredients, which fit in with Nano’s existing reputation among parents for making those ingredients more fun for kids.

Source: Iogo gets kids to eat their vegetables

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