Kyle Winters, VP, Corporate Partnerships, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Kyle Winters_circleKyle Winters is a seasoned professional in the field of Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising. Prior to assuming his current post as Vice President, Corporate Partnerships with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada he spent 13 of 25 years at the University of Toronto establishing sponsorship relationships – specializing in the marketing and management of programs including, affinity, travel and trademark initiatives. Kyle has presented at numerous educational and professional conferences. An active supporter of professional collaboration with expertise in negotiation, strategy and branding programs – he has spoken to these issues at conferences such as CASE, CCAE, ICLA in Canada, the US, Asia and Europe. In addition his professional efforts have been profiled in written publications such as, ‘CASE Currents’, as well as main stream media. Kyle leads a team of 25+ professionals who are located coast to coast, and who are committed to supporting the mission of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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