Manulife Volunteer Initiatives

manulife_investing_timeIn 2009, Manulife Financial looked to define a cause marketing strategy that would not only align well with their brand values (strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking) but would also have high potential to engage employees, advisors and Canadians across the country.

Inspired by the longstanding community work of their employees and financial advisors, Manulife chose volunteerism as their Signature Cause based on its potential to meet those two objectives. The opportunity was defined under three pillars: to inspire a new generation of volunteers; to support Canada’s volunteering community and help it grow; and to engage volunteers in great volunteer opportunities that match their interests, skills and schedules.

Today, a pillar of Manulife’s social responsibility efforts in Canada is their commitment to volunteering. With a pledge to inspire, support and engage every individual and every organization that is investing time and resources in their communities, Manulife supports a variety of volunteer-focused initiatives including:

My Giving Moment, a social marketing campaign supported by business and community leaders that celebrates and generates the kind of giving that is in the Canadian DNA.

GetVolunteering, a website that shows visitors how to get the most out of life through community involvement. A ‘Get Matched’ page provides a chance to give back wherever you live in Canada.

Bridging the Gap, a landmark research report developed in partnership with Volunteer Canada, The Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development and Harris Decima. The research explored today’s volunteers and potential volunteers to learn who they are, what they’re looking for and what they can offer, so that everyone’s efforts can be more effective.

Internally, 2287 Manulife employees dedicated 26,602 volunteer hours in 2013.

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