RBC and Free the Children

free-the-children-bannerRBC is a Co-Title Sponsor of We Day, helping Free The Children keep We Day and other programs free for educators and youth. RBC not only helps make We Day possible, but is also the premier Canadian national partner of The We Act Program, Free The Children’s yearlong educational initiative that inspires students and teachers to take action on local and global issues. The We Act program provides educators with tools, training and action guides all free of charge, and includes a reporting mechanism that enables Free The Children to track the collective impact of both We Day and We Act on participating youth, educators and communities.

Sharing a passion for clean water initiatives, RBC is Free The Children’s campaign sponsor and facilitator for the We Create Change campaign, embarking on Canada’s largest penny drive that will help provide 100,000 people with clean water in 2014.

RBC is also the generous sponsor of the “H2O for You” Speaking Tour and education program focused on water, which is funded through an RBC Blue Water grant. Free for schools, the tour and education program engages tens of thousands of students across Canada around the important issue of water stewardship.

Aligned with Free The Children’s year of water initiative, RBC launched “what is your one drop?”, a contest that engages youth to stop and think about water and submit their pledges to conserve, protect and provide access to water. It rewards a lucky contest participant with an opportunity to travel overseas to visit water projects in India.

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