Cause-Related Research

statisticsBe sure to access ‘Statistics All Canadian Cause Marketers Should Know‘ – this overview piece provides a quick look at important Canadian-focused research.

Thanks to the thought leadership of a number of agencies and organizations, companies and causes have a rich trove of studies to dig into that shed light on consumer, employee and executive attitudes and behaviors.

We partnered with Ipsos Reid to conduct a first-of-its kind study of the Canadian marketplace. You’ll find the highlights here.

These are some of the organizations that produce cause marketing-related studies or reports on a regular basis:


For nearly two decades, this agency focused primarily on cause branding and nonprofit marketing has delivered regular reports on consumer attitudes and expectations in the realm of cause marketing and cause branding. Recent global reports specifically break out data on Canadian consumers. Read more


The largest independent global PR firm, Edelman publishes several annual global surveys of consumer attitudes and expectations in the realm of social purpose including expectations of brands and companies.  Read more

IEG Sponsorship Report

This perpetually updated online report focuses on all types of corporate sponsorship, sports, arts, cause and entertainment marketing. The majority of industry-wide sponsorship statistics (size of market, segment growth, etc.) hail from this source.  Read more


Research giant Nielsen started reporting publicly on the cause marketing and social responsibility space starting in 2011. With a wide, global focus, Nielsen has released a new report approximately every two years.  Read more


In Project Superbrand: 10 Truths Reshaping the Corporate World, Havas Worldwide seeks to understand how the movement toward corporate social responsibility has evolved over the years. The report specifically breaks out Canadian data. Access the report here.