Statistics all Canadian Cause Marketers Should Know


Ipsos Marketing 2015

95% of Canadians agree that companies supporting good causes is a good idea.

84% of Canadian claim they would switch brands to the one affiliated with a good cause if price and quality were similar.

Canadians prefer that companies support causes that are:

International (13%)
National (37%)
Local (50%)

Havas Worldwide Project Superbrand: 10 Truths Reshaping the Corporate World

Among Canadians,

72% want companies to fight injustice

80% want companies to improve the communities in which they operate

77% want companies to be transparent

84% want companies to improve the lives of its employees


2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study

19% of Canadian consumers believe companies have made a significant positive impact on social and environmental issues (vs. 27% global average).


In the past 12 months, Canadians report having:

Donated 70% (vs. 61% global average)

Volunteered 46% (vs. 40% global average)


89% believe companies could do a better job showing how CSR efforts are relevant to them.


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