“Supports With Warmth” campaign supports charity’s Wheels of Hope program

OCTOBER 30, 2014
Sunbeam is hoping to spread some warmth with a new awareness and fundraising campaign for the Canadian Cancer Society.

The brand, owned by Jarden Consumer Solutions, launched the “Supports With Warmth” that was developed with PR firm Cohn & Wolfe. The campaign aims to draw attention to Wheels of Hope, the Canadian Cancer Society’s patient transportation program in Ontario, as well as other provincial programs across Canada. The programs provide cancer patients with rides to and from their treatment appointments.

Jamie Libregts, Sunbeam’s senior marketing manager, personal comfort and wellness, said Sunbeam had been looking for a charitable partner and heard a story about a cancer patient using a Sunbeam Heated Throw after treatment. “When people are going through treatment, they’re really cold,” he said. “Having that tie-in to a Sunbeam heated throw and [keeping] somebody warm after their treatment really touched us in a great way.”

At the centre of the campaign is a video featuring the real-life story of Kelly Tugnett, a single mother whose son Jaxson was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at six months old. The video highlights the importance of the Canadian Cancer Society’s transportation programs and encourages people to donate to the cause if they can.

“We wanted to have [a video] that really created an emotional connection to the campaign as well as to the Wheels of Home program,” said Libregts.

As part of the initiative, Sunbeam is making a monetary donation to Wheels of Hope equal to 75,000 kilometres. Sunbeam is also donating 500 Heated Throws to the Canadian Cancer Society to distribute to cancer patients in Ontario.

“I think cause marketing as a whole is a wonderful thing,” said David Gordon, managing partner of Cohn & Wolfe in Toronto. “It really is good for the cause and they’re the biggest beneficiaries of it. In Sunbeam supporting the Wheels of Hope program, it’s doing what the Canadian Cancer Society itself doesn’t necessarily have the resources to do, by helping to promote [the program], raise awareness and support their fundraising in turn.”

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