TD first Canadian bank to join ‘It Gets Better’ project

In the 20 months since it launched, a panoply of individuals and public figures – from President Obama to Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu – have posted videos online as part of the It Gets Better project, to encourage young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who may be struggling with their identity. Now the first of Canada’s big five financial institutions has pitched in with its own video.

Toronto-Dominion Bank posted its own “It Gets Better” video (below) featuring chief executive officer Ed Clark and a group of TD employees, last Wednesday. The video began as a project conceived by the employee pride network that exists within the company. Mr. Clark asked if he would be welcome to participate.

“What you are, is wonderful,” Mr. Clark says, addressing young people in the video. It also features employees from Toronto, Philadelphia and Montreal, including a branch manager and some in corporate positions, telling their stories of coming out. They highlight their “allies” – parents and friends – who supported them, and encourage others to help “make it better” for LGBT people they know.

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